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Flight Line

This is one we all remember. It's looking down the flight line toward the maintenance hanger.
This was later in the first year because the revetments have been installed.

Looking across the flight line toward the runway.
Earlier in the first year. Notice no revetments.

One of our birds either going out or comming in at Korat.

During the first year the fighter squadron at the other end of the base transitioned to F4's from F-105's.

Inside the radio shop

Charlie Dawson elbow deep in an ARC-27 it looks like.

Charlie Dawson again. As I remember he was from the Atlanta GA area.

Another view of the radio shop. The man on the left I beleive is Wike.

TSgt Nauman at the dispatch board in the radio shop.

Daignault working the dispatch board.

In the back of the radio shop was the ADR shop. It was manned by civilians who helped
us with the data down link equipment. Unfortunately I don't have the names of the guys in the pictures.

Back at the barracks

From the second floor landing of the new barracks looking toward the "Airmans Club"
Notice the delivery in route to the club.

Impromptu game of volleyball in the parking lot west of the new barracks.
In the back ground is the water tower that "Hanoi Hannah" promised to drop.

Those of us in the new barracks may remember the "Hooch Girls" pressing our uniforms.

Don Kimball doing what we all did. Writing home.

John Stein (I think John was his first name) ready to head out for work. This is before we got BDUs.

Then there was the incident with the blue paint. We never did get all of the blue stain off the floor.

Bat "5" on a barracks run. Myron Mackey (fore ground), Surette (behind him), Kimball (in front of the truck)
and an unknown behind the dumpster.

"Tiny Tim" catching up on some intellectual reading resting in the barracks.
he was part of the second year replacements.

Wejit, our "Hooch Girl". She looked out for us and "mother hened" us some times.

Yours truly. It's hard to remember that I was this young.

Wike on his way back to the world. Wejit (left) and Bi (right)

Sawadee Club

Remember the "Sawadee Club"? It was right convient to have the Airman's Club within
walking or staggering distance of the barracks. I'm not saying we may have drank too much.

Some of the local guys that played the club.

The V.I.P.s, one of the Thai bands that played the club.

The water festival

We were introduced to something called the "Water Festival". On base all we used was water
but in town, where Surette went, they also used a rouge, the red stain on his clothes.
There was a lot of water slopped around that day and no one was safe or immune.

The short timers celebration

Because most of the unit had rotated to Thai Land at the same time, most were eligible to rotate
back to the states at about the same time. This happened to coincide with our 100 mission mark.
And because the F-105 guys held a parade and party for their 100 mission marks. We decided we needed
to show off our status. So we held a "Party".

Party Time

I was one of the late arrivals in 1967 so I was part of the last to rotate back. The new guys
arriving in 1968 were a bit of a party bunch. The 3-11 shift in the radio shop would take up a collection
and send a runner to the NCO Club Annex. The goodies would be waiting for us in the pick nick
pavilion when we finished our shift. We may have had a little too much this particular night but we had fun.
Sadly I don't have names for most of these guys.